Types of Camping

Camping is a great way to get away from all of the distractions around you. The internet does not reach where you would camp, so it is just you and nature.

Types of Camping

Car camping involves bringing a vehicle with you so that your equipment and supplies will be easier to transport.

Wilderness camping: Wilderness camping typically involves backpacking and hiking into the wild. While it is still possible to do this by car, most wilderness campers choose to begin on foot instead of my vehicle for their journeys.

Beach camping: Beach camping is another activity that you can do without having to hike very far. Many beaches are naturally secluded, giving the benefit of privacy while still being close enough to other amenities that help make vacationing more comfortable.

Tent Camping: Tent Camping is the most popular form of camping in which people participate. It involves bringing a simple tent for shelter and sleeping and cooking equipment, and other necessary supplies.

Camping equipment:

There are many camping equipments that you need to bring with you on your trip. The key ones include:

Sleeping bag and pad
Lighter, matches, or flint
Pot and pan
Repair kit (duct tape, string, paracord, nails)
Flashlight or headlamp
Waterproof lighter
Cup or bowl for eating/drinking
Matches/lighter fluid(for starting the stove) or

Depending upon the type of camper you are, there may be other items that will make life easier. For example, car campers may want to bring chairs or shade tents, while beach campers might want to consider items such as volleyballs or surfboards.

Camping Tips:

One of the best advice that you should follow when camping is to leave everything better than you found it. This means taking out all of your garbage, as well as making sure that you do not disturb the site too much. Try to keep it clean and well maintained for those who will follow after you.

Another good tip is to be prepared for anything. It would be extremely difficult to predict what kinds of wildlife may be in an area; however, many common precautions should be followed while camping to avoid disturbing or endangering wildlife.

When camping, you must find a good location for your tent and other equipment. Also, look for dry ground. It may not be easy to sleep if you do not have a clean place to lay your head at the end of the day. (campingplassen.no)

Gear needed: Several pieces of gear are necessary to camp properly. This includes tents, sleeping bags and pads, tarps, pots and pans, and other cooking and dining supplies.
Before you go on a trip, carefully consider each of these items and their importance to camp life. (http://campingplassen.no/camping-kristiansand/) Be sure that you have everything before you leave, or else you may find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere with no way back home. (http://campingplassen.no/overnatting-kristiansand/)


Camping is a great way to spend time with others and enjoy nature. There are many options on how you can camp, so there is no reason you should not find one that will fit your unique needs and desires well.

Just remember to be prepared for everything! Ensure safety at all costs; this can be done by being well prepared.